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Cross-cutting programs

The research of the unit are structured into 4 cross-cutting programs to which all teams contribute. They cover the following topics:

  • Feed efficiency of animals and systems (coord.: D. Morgavi). The program benefits from the BeefAlim2020 project, which was designed by the UMT SAFE, the UMT Genetic and Genomic Management of Bovine Populations and several public and private partners, to study the efficiency of suckling animals and herds.
  • Robustness of animals and resilience of farming systems (coord.: C. Ginane, M. Benoit, D. Gruffat, A. de La Torre). The program benefits from the projectsNewDeal and Salamix, both led by our unit and with strong collaborations with UMR METAFORT, to study on farm complementarities between herbivore productions, between animal genotypes, between forages, and between farming systems at the region level.
  • Construction and prediction of product qualities - dairy products, meat – (coord. B. Picard, C. Laurent). 
  • Ecosystem services provided by farming systems.This program benefits from the INRA metaprogram ECOSERV on ecosystemic services of agriculture.


The cross-cutting programs ensure a continuum between the levels studied in the unit, i.e. from genes to farming systems. More specifically, they: 

  • Ensure that the activities of the different teams of the unit aim at the same targets,
  • Support researches to bring proofs of concepts,
  • Mature and prepare ambitious projects,
  • Facilitate cross-fertilisation between teams and disciplines.