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Our partnership

Thanks to our international recognition, we are engaged in several international scientific networks  like the Welfare Quality Network, the Global Research Alliance on agriculture GHG, European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) networks (#FA1302 Large-scale methane measurements on individual ruminants for genetic evaluations), and the FAO-CIHEAM sub-network on mountain pastures. These interactions facilitates collaborations with many research groups in Europe (Teagasc in Ireland, IBERS and SRUC in UK, Agroscope and FIBL in Switzerland, MTT in Finland, IRTA and CSIC in Spain, WUR in The Netherlands, Universities from Reading, Aarhus, Liège, Barcelona, Torino, Gottingen,…), North America (Universities from Davis California, Utah, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Ohio and Wisconsin; Agriculture and Agrifood Canada), South America (INTA in Argentina, Universities from Porto Allegre and Maringa in Brazil), and Asia-Oceania (AgResearch in New-Zealand, CSIRO and Murdoch University in Australia, Beijing university in China).


At national level, we contribute to the Federation for Research on Environment hosted by Clermont-Ferrand University that gather groups  conducing researches on environmental issues,  and to the Carnot Institute France Future Livestock Farming (2FE) which aims at facilitating common projects between research units and economic actors on animal health, nutrition, and genetics.


Several sustainable partnerships are established with private actors acting on behalf of the economic sector, like Apigene, Cluster PDO Cheeses of Massif Central, or the chambers of agriculture, or with independent firms (Valorex, Lallemand, Adisseo, CCPA, InVivo NSA, DSM …). We participate also in private-public coordination initiatives such as Joint Technology network(RMT[1]) (Terroir cheeses, Animal welfare and farming systems, Farming and environment), GIS (Meat and meat products, Farming tomorrow, Alpes-Jura), and strategic working groups (like the animal welfare group at ANSES or the French national committee on by-products). The unit is recognised by the industrial clusters Valorial (Rennes), Vitagora (Dijon), and CéréalesVallée (Clermont-Ferrand).


The unit hosts UMT SAFE, whose partners are INRA, French livestock institute (IDELE), and the French Institute for horse and horse riding (IFCE). This UMT is dedicated to studies on suckling systems, forages, and environment.


Contact: Benoît Graulet


[1] Réseau Mixte Technologique (betweenINRA, technical institutes, and extension services)