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Scientific seminars

Gaëlle Maxin and Milka Popova (team Dinamic), Cécile Sibra (team Peraq) are in charged of organising scientific exchanges in the unit.These events are:

  • Workshops: four  scientific workshops are planned each year, two on  burning issues in relation to the scientific activity of the unit, one on the results obtained in common research projects within the unit, and one dedicated to PhD students and postdocs hosted in the unit. Each workshop last 1 day.
  • Seminars: by scientists visiting the unit (1 hour long).
  • Methodological forums: to gather experiences from users and stimulate the design of common methods.
  • Training in animal production: (courses provided by VetAgro Sup).


Scientific exchanges in 2017


  • 2 february: Integrated management of animal health.
  • 31 march: Research from PhD students and postdocs of the unit.


  • 27 january: Paul Hemsworth (University of Melbourne - Australia) - All about the human-animal relationship and its impact on animal performances and animal welfare.
  • 3 april: Michel Doreau et Isabelle Veissier (UMRH) - Scientific writing: its codes, the risks to avoid, some keys of success.
  • 30 may: Baptiste Nettier (thèse encadrée par Gille Brunschwig (Comète) et Laurent Dobremez (Irstea) - Adaptation to climatic change on alpine pastures. Modeling the alpage-exploitation system to renew the frameworks for the analysis of management of mountain pastures by pastoral systems.


Between 2012 and 2016, the scientific animation of the unit was supported by Chantal Chassaing, Muriel Bonnet and Laurence Bernard.

Scientific exchanges in 2016


  • 3 march: Researches from PhD students and postdocs of the unit.


  • 29 february: Marc Benoit (UMRH) Feedback ont the "Assessment and regulation of GMO and pesticides" symposium
  • 6 april: Dr. Ouranios Tzamaloukas (Department of Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Science, Cyprus University of Technology). Presentation on the theme "Animal and Dairy Research in Cyprus"

Scientific exchanges in 2015


  • 24 february: Researches from PhD students and postdocs of the unit.


  • 19 january: Veerle Fievez (Pr in Animal Nutrition, Ghent University, Belgium) - Diagnosis and (early) prediction of acidosis and ketosis using milk fatty acids as biomarkers.
  • 7 may: Estelle Pujos-Guillot (Platform of Exploration of Metabolism - component metabolomique) - MetaboHUB, from project to infrastructure.
  • 25 november: Isabelle Veissier (head of the unit) - All about Isite CAP2025 deposited with the ANR and its potential impact on the activities of the unit.
  • 3 december: Paola Piantoni (PhD- Dairy Nutrition, Société Cargill, Italie) - Effects of feeding saturated fat supplements on production and metabolic responses in lactating dairy cows.
  • 15 december: Isabelle Veissier (head of the unit) - Note-taking during meetings.

Scientific exchanges in 2014


  • 25 february: Researches from PhD students and postdocs of the unit (80 attendees).
  • 29-30 september: Beef international exchange (130 attendees) Download slides


  • 29 january: Rod Polkinghorne (independent professor -Australia) - Australian method of predicting the quality of beef: International Perspectives
  • 28 february: Elodie Briefer (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) - Vocal communication in mammals: voice indicators of their identity and their emotional state
  • 21 march: Vincent Bombail (NeuroBiologie of Olfaction Unit, Inra de Jouy) - Olfaction and animal well-being : how do we sense if we do not feel good? The mutual interactions between stress and olfaction
  • 14 april: Patrick Chambres, Professor of Cognitive Psychology - The research : method and lucidity
  • 22 august: Isabelle Veissier (UMRH) and Mara Miele (Cardiff University) - Animal welfare: towards transdisciplinarity
  • 29 august: Jean-François Hocquette (UMRH) and coauthors- "International efforts in livestock phenotyping" and “Opportunities and challenges for predicting and manipulating meat quality”
  • 16 october: Marine SPAAK (AgroParisTech and National natural history museum'student) - Associative mobilizations around the animal welfare
  • 30 october: Dr. Mike O’Donovan from Teagasc (Ireland) - Grassland Research for an expanding livestock industry
  • 17 november: Éric Baratay (Professor of contemporary history, History of the animals of the University Lyon 3) - Write the history from the point of view of animals: the example of dairy cows, XIXe-XXe
  • 20 november: Dr Karen Beauchemin (Agriculture and Food-processing industry Canada, Lethbridge, Alberta) - Reducing Methane Emissions from Ruminants: Use of select feed additives
  • 28 november: Dr Junhua Li (from BGI-Shenzhen, China) - Human gut gene catalog and beyond


Scientific exchanges in 2013


  • 5 february: Researches from PhD students and postdocs of the unit (80 attendees).
  • 19 march: Researches on beef cattle (100 attendees). Download slides


  • 11 january: Hanh Nguyen   - Life cycle assessment of cattle production: exploring practices and system changes to reduce environmental impacts
  • 28 january: Are you interested in healthy hay for your research?
  • 7 february: Randi O. Moe (Norwegian School of Veterinary Science,Oslo, Norway)  -  Anticipation and reward: A window to understand positive emotions in animals
  • 12 march: Bertrand Dumont (Inra) - Agroecology applied to animal production systems
  • 30 may: Cathy Dwyer (SRUC, Scotland's Rural College, Aberdeen) - Neonatal lamb behaviour contributes to improved postnatal survival
  • 20 june: Mara Miele (sociologist from Cardiff University) -  Affective science

  • 2 september: Pr. Jaroslaw Olav Horbanczuk (Director of "Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding of the Polish Academy of Sciences" et member of "Animal Task Force") - Research activity of the Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding with the topic proposals for join bilateral  collaboration

  • 8 october: Masato Yayota (PhD, Associate Professor, Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, Gifu University, Japan) - Nutritional ecology and management of grazing ruminants in Japanese semi-natural pasture

  • 17 october: Françoise Wemelsfelder(Scotland’sRural College) - Qualitative Behavioural Assessement

  • 2 december: Michel Doreau (Inra) - The contribution of animal production to agricultural sustainability 

Scientific exchanges in 2012


  • 27 march 2012: Designing Farming systems (40 attendees)
  • 1  june 2012: PhD theses and post-docs (80 attendees)
  • 2 october 2012: Meat production from cattle
  • 13 december 2012: Flagship projects of the unit


  • 26 March 2012: Hervé Dakpo (Centre d'études et de recherches dur le Développement International)
  • 9 May  2012: Kenneth Nordlund (Vet school Madison, Univ Wisconsin, USA)
  • 6 September 2012: Augustin Rius (DairyNZ, Hamilton, New-Zealand)
  • 20 September 2012: Anne-Marie de Passillé andJeffrey Rushen (Univ Colombie britannique, Canada)
  • 10 October 2012: F Laperruque, Christine Bertrand, Pascal Poitevin, Odile Hologne - The usefulness of shared databases
  • 18 October 2012: Adroaldo Zanella (Univ. Edinburgh) - Closing the gap: How to communicate animal welfar eresearch to stakeholders
  • 23 November 2012: Ragnar Salte (Norwegian University of Life Science) - he impact of calf and young stock development on dairy cow health, production and profitability
  • 10 December 2012: Jacques Servière et Jean-François Hocquette (Inra) -  The healthy word of meat and the 19th world meat congress
  • 11 December2012: Michel Doreau (Inra) - Scientific writing: standards, risks and tips