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Team PIGALE - Administrative and IT team

This team brings together all the research support forces of the unit, for optimal efficiency:

  • Management, Administration, Logistics and Publishing division
    This unit is responsible for the budgetary, financial and accounting management of the unit (budget, contracts, purchases-expenditure / revenue), as well as administrative management of the human resources of the structure. It ensures the secretariat of proximity with the research teams, in particular the management of the missions. It hosts the publishing offices of two scientific journals (Animal and Inra Productions Animales). It manages the fleet of service vehicles of the unit. On occasion, it provides support for the organization of congresses.
  • Computer and electromechanical division
    This cluster develops databases, software and web services to support research, facilitate the transfer of results, and assist in the management of the unit by organizing essential information in databases. The local IT specialists manage the IT equipment. The electro-mechanical workshop, in collaboration with the team's electronics engineer, designs and maintains data acquisition devices, serving the scientists of the unit.


Contact: Carine Dézandre

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